Lectures and workshops for schools and groups

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Linda gives lecture-workshops around the world on “An Introduction to Primitive Reflexes.” These workshops are educational for parents, educators and therapists. These sessions introduce Primitive Reflexes and how they affect the development of the Central Nervous System and Brain. Other topics covered include the ideal life cycle of a Primitive Reflex, how to identify if children or adults have retained Primitive Reflexes and what it means for healthy development.  A guided “Brain Tune Up” to aid in relaxation and focus is also taught to the group. And lastly Linda shares her research on how tools like skin stimulation, Primitive and Rhythmic Movement improve learning, sensory processing, social/emotional maturity, speech and balance and  coordination skills and more.

 "Linda was authentic and spoke  from the heart about challenges we face with our children. She speaks from experience with her own child. and many years of working with children of all ages" A. Stearns, Parent at Green School, Bali

To book lecture/workshop email Linda Stevens at reachourpotential@gmail.com

or phone on 510 898-8614