About Linda Stevens


Linda Stevens grew up in the East Bay of San Francisco. She began her professional career as a Polarity massage therapist, later moving to the UK she furthered her studies working with cranial osteopaths. During that time she studied international dance in London and trained as a dance instructor teaching children and adults.

After her third child was born she trained as a Waldorf preschool teacher, working in a small private school which combined Montessori, Waldorf and Reg Emilia techniques. Later she did a traditional Early Childhood Education teaching training and created her own original curriculum at a private school she taught at. The more she worked with children the more she wanted to be able to facilitate their development on a deeper level.

She began furthering her education studying human health and biology in university. Her focus then turned to Neurodevelopmental Therapy after seeing amazing results in her own child. In 2006, Linda finished her training and certified in Windsor, England with Robert Allen, one of the leading international experts in the discipline. In more recent years, Linda continues to further her studies, learning new techniques like Rhythmic movement and Elemental yoga.

Linda shares her practice and knowledge across the world, from California to Bali. She teaches meditation, Elemental therapeutic yoga, lectures and holds an international private practice in Neurodevelopmental therapy with children and adults.