Jayasree V,
Los Angeles, CA

Our son is doing well. After working with Linda doing the brushing therapy he got an award at school for being the most improved student in the fourth quarter. Thank you!

Satisfied Dad,
Chapel Hill, NC

Things are going well with our son. I know it should be way too early to see any results, but it seems that we are. This week he got a 100% on a spelling test & less impressive than that is how legible his test was. Usually there are letters that you have to figure out and give him the benefit of the doubt, but on this test all letters were crystal clear.

Heather W,
San Francisco, CA

Our four-and-a-half year old son started treatments with Linda Stevens after a referral from a friend in the UK. After 6-months of treatment his developmental issues began literally to fade away before our eyes. Linda’s brushing seemed to touch something subtle within him and he seemed far calmer. We knew nothing about brushing and Linda has been good about explaining how brushing treats the primitive reflexes. In our initial evaluation she demonstrated how we should administer the daily brushing at home, and continues to steer us (and him) when we see her every six weeks for the next brushing cycle.

When he was 2 1/2 years old, our son was diagnosed with some developmental delay and was screened for being on a mild scale of autism based on the behavior he displayed. He began occupational therapy and speech therapy soon after – until he was 5 years old. Every therapist and teacher working with him at the time agreed that he improved visibly with this type of brushing.

In the first 6 months of treatment he become loving, his drooling stopped completely, it was obvious he remembered things, he seemed more co-ordinated, expressive, confident, interactive and cooperative with others. Our home felt less held to ransom by his moods and we continue to enjoy the simple daily brushing routine together.He has formed a very sweet bond with Linda.

Asheville, NC

Just four days after we started the brushing program our 10 year old son was a completely different child. His Obsessive/Compulsive behavior stopped, he was happier, less argumentative and was relieved from his anxiety that had been relentless for more than a year.

It has been over four months and he has really blossomed. We are so grateful to have Linda in our lives.

Jennifer Spector

Upper Primary Learning Support Teacher

Green School, Bali

Linda Stevens has worked with several of my students here at the Green School in Bali, and I have been quite impressed with the outcomes.

Satisfied parents,

Our daughter of 8 years old had been diagnosed with Autism and had never laughed or shown affection to us. Within the first week of the brushing program she told us she loved us and gave us a hug. She was also laughing and joking around. You can’t imagine our happiness.